Are you aware, Colorectal Cancer affects

more than 140,000 Americans each year?


That means roughly, 16 people every hour are diagnosed!


Colorectal Cancer is the 3rd most commonly diagnosed cancer in both men and women in the United States.


It’s also the 2nd leading overall cause of Cancer deaths.


This website was created to support Bryan Jurgovan,

who is currently batteling Stage 3 Rectal Cancer.


     Bryan has lived in Frankfort Square since 2010 with his wife Jennifer and their children. Bryan grew up in Posen, IL with his parents, Ron & Sandy, and his younger brother Kevin. Bryan has 4 wonderful children; Jordan, James, Joshua and Julianna, as well as two nieces, who he loves like his own children, Samantha and Emily. Bryan was working as a Forklift Technician for Lineage Logistics in University Park for the last 6 years, previously working at Flooring America and Kraft Foods.

     Bryan was diagnosed with Stage 3 Rectal Cancer in July 2018. He began daily Chemotherapy and Radiation in September 2018. Chemo and radiation were given every day in hopes the tumor would shrink and could be cleanly removed. On November 29, 2018, Bryan underwent surgery, the cancerous tumor and lymph nodes were completely removed. Although they found some remaining cancerous cells in the surrounding tissue. Requiring Bryan to endure 8 rounds of IV Chemotherapy.

     The surgeon felt the removal surgery was textbook and it wouldn’t be long before Bryan was recovered and ready to start chemo in January 2019. Unfortunately, there were complications, after weeks of unbearable and unrelenting pain, it was discovered the internal stitches from the removal surgery had torn open. Resulting in Bryan's tailbone becoming infected. 

     After 11 days in the hospital and numerous doctors discussing all the options to stop the infection from spreading, it was determined Bryan would require a permanent colostomy bag. He would also need daily IV antibiotics for 8 weeks. This meant Bryan could not start his Chemotherapy, putting his treatment plan behind schedule. To make matters worse, while on the IV antibiotics, Bryan received a second infection from the antibiotics. This required another stay in the hospital as well as a 2nd antibiotic that Bryan will be required to take until he completed chemo.

     Thankfully, Bryan was able to begin chemotherapy on March 11, 2019. Bryan was scheduled to complete his last round of Chemotherapy on June 7, 2019. Unfortunately Bryan suffered a seizure on June 4th and after much testing, it was found that the main chemotherapy drug (Fluorouracil) was the cause of the seizure. Bryan's oncologist felt he did not want to put Bryan through the final round of chemo and take the chance of another seizure. But before making a final decision on how to proceed, the oncologist had a CT scan done of Bryan's chest, abdomen and pelvis. To the doctor's, and everyone's, relief the scans revealed, Bryan is Cancer Free!

     While this is the absolute best news we could hope for, it still doesn't end Bryan's battle with cancer. Bryan is still recovering from the side effect of the chemotherapy as well as the complications he's endured over the last year. Bryan still requires multiple surgeries before he can return to a fully normal life and being able to return to work. At this point in time, it will be September/October before Bryan can even consider returning to work. 

     Due to the treatment plan as well as complications, Bryan has been unable to work since September 15, 2018. Bryan did not have short term disability through his employer and was denied Social Security Disability. Currently the Jurgovan family, is managing to get by on one income as well as donations provided by family and friends. Bryan was approved for long term disability through his employer but was terminated 2 days later. Bryan is currently on a month to month reviewal basis with the Long Term Disability company to determine if he will be paid for the next month.

The Jurgovan's can still use everyone’s support, prayers and thoughts. Please consider donating to the Jurgovan family via their GoFundMe account.